1) an item consisting of a rubber bag, tube and nozzle, used to clean a woman's vagina
2) a male over the age of eight wearing a pink polo shirt, usually with popped collar, and usually wearing a badly-clashing baseball cap, many times backwards
2a) includes males who also wear cowry-shell or "pooka"-shell necklaces, Livestrong bracelets in various colors/for other causes, prefer oversized Phat Farm, Vans or DC sneakers with huge "tongues". Some also wear large amounts of fake-gold chains and fake-diamond earrings, and hit on girls much younger than they
2b) subset of douchebags includes "bros", aka "brahs"; many of these play X-Box and think that it is a decent gaming system
3) People who have actually said, in all seriousness, "No fat chicks"
Did you see Anthony? He's wearing that pink fuckin' polo shirt with the popped collar again! What a fuckin' douchebag!

Kevin Federline man, what a douchebag!
by TranceGemini January 11, 2007
(noun): a douchebag is a person without any sense of how to behave in social situations. He is completely unaware of himself or how others perceive him. He usually has an inflated sense of self-importance and self-worth, and tends to think he's popular when in reality, very few people actually like him. The only people who do like him are his fellow douchebags. He doesn't particularly care about other people, and he thinks that the world revolves around him. A douchebag is consistently the loudest, the drunkest and the most obnoxious guy at a party or at the bar. A douchebag thinks that a girl is obligated to sleep with him just because he buys her a drink. He will instigate fights and confrontations with anyone and for any reason. The douchebag also loves to talk about how many women he gets, when in reality, he doesn't get very many. He also loves to put other people down to make himself feel more important. The female version of the douchebag is also consistently the drunkest, the loudest and the most obnoxious girl at the party. She has no capacity of knowing when to stop drinking. A douchebag girl loves attention, and she'll do anything to get it.
"That guy just threw a beer bottle at a girl. What a douchebag!"
by Monica Nice May 15, 2008
("DB") Someone who goes around acting as if they know everything, when in reality, they don't know anything. A bullshit artist that fakes their way through life by sucking up to anyone who the DB believes can advance them socially or economically. As the DB is extremely annoying to anyone around him, he has no real friends.

Has several catch phrases that get him through life so that he can avoid having to come up with any original thoughts. This includes "really???" as a response to most any comment, as to indicate interest in the subject when in reality, the DB does not understand or care to any degree. Another favorite is "oh, piss", as a response to a mistake made by the DB due to incompetency. Another favorite is "fair enough", as a response to anything the DB does not understand, but does not wish to admit not understanding and thus the delivery of this vague phrase in an effort to confuse the other party and hope the subject is changed.

Typically, they'll have nasty curly hair (with lots of gel added), a big goofy smile, and walk around all pompous-like. Often can be seen wearing bright colored shirts, gay shoes, vests, capri pants, and on certain occasions, a NICE suit. Has long, girlish fingernails with which he taps on tabletops in an annoying fashion.

The DB is quick to dodge blame for failures and inadequacies and make up excuses on the spot. When possible, they will blame coworkers for mistakes, and will push off work on others by citing the fact that they are "very busy" that week.

Extreme cases warrant special preceding titles, including "Captain" or "Chief" douchebag, among others.
CDB: "I think this product was good and fun. The firm's managers were nice guys with NICE suits."

Everyone else: "Uh, no it's terrible and is probably doomed to failure. Anyone recommending it would have to be an idiot."

CDB: "Really?!?!?!"

Everyone else: "Uhhh, yeah really. It's no good"

CDB: "Fair enough."

Everyone else: "Yeah and the questions you asked during the meeting made no sense and made you sound retarded."

CDB: "No worries."

Everyone else: "We're not worried about anything. Except that we all think you're a total douchebag."

CDB: "Interesting."
by Big Jeorge February 16, 2009
1. Multiple people who commit consistent douchebaggery grouped together
2. Several vaginal cleaning apparatuses
Saw a whole bunch of douchebags walking around wearing hollister and aviators yesterday

She had a rack of douchebags on her shelf; WTF?
by -Jt3 November 08, 2008
A douchebag is a narcissistic man who dates a woman, makes her fall for him by lavishing her with gifts (guilty conscious gifts), making her believe he loves her, her children, family and friends but all the while...texting another woman inappropriate pictures, from his girlfriend's house no doubt, and fantasies to entice sexual encounters with him. This man's life is a lie.
Douchebag = Adam Rhoda in Zionsville, Mooresville and now Franklin Twp
by Done and Done October 29, 2015
A person who has no idea what they are talking about yet act like they are a smart person by knowlege from other people. They act out to be intelligent and gifted only to realise they are mearly a fake idiot with no idea about what is really happening in the world.
A person with no logic at all.
Someone who tries to get a family member or freind in trouble for something they did not do. Because they dont have the guts to investigate things for themselves and get other people to do their dirty work for them.
people who gang up on one innocent person are a bunch of gutless douche bags!

ass, blockhead, boob, booby, cretin, dimwit, donkey, dork, dumb ox, dumbbell, dunce, dunderhead, fool, halfwit, ignoramus, imbecile, jackass, jerk, kook, meathead, mental defective, moron, ninny, nitwit, pointy head, simpleton, stupid, tomfool, twit,
by keeping it real!!!!! September 30, 2006
One who acts like a asshole and is well awere of it, but feels a false sence of self-justifacation in it due to there delusions of self rightiosness. Bassicly, elietist bastards who flaunt there apperent status, when the status is an example of total bullshit.

When confronted on this they will often point out some trivial flaw in you that dosent matter, changing the subgect.
Anyone who corrects spelling as a form of burn is a total douche bag.
by lagazi June 10, 2007
One who walks around with an undeserved sense of accomplishment. Scum.
Football players who continually lie about their stats, weight, strength. Meynig is a douchebag.
by Gucci Mane January 11, 2007

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