1) an item consisting of a rubber bag, tube and nozzle, used to clean a woman's vagina
2) a male over the age of eight wearing a pink polo shirt, usually with popped collar, and usually wearing a badly-clashing baseball cap, many times backwards
2a) includes males who also wear cowry-shell or "pooka"-shell necklaces, Livestrong bracelets in various colors/for other causes, prefer oversized Phat Farm, Vans or DC sneakers with huge "tongues". Some also wear large amounts of fake-gold chains and fake-diamond earrings, and hit on girls much younger than they
2b) subset of douchebags includes "bros", aka "brahs"; many of these play X-Box and think that it is a decent gaming system
3) People who have actually said, in all seriousness, "No fat chicks"
Did you see Anthony? He's wearing that pink fuckin' polo shirt with the popped collar again! What a fuckin' douchebag!

Kevin Federline man, what a douchebag!
by TranceGemini January 11, 2007
someone with a myspace that has more friends than the population of their hometown.
You have 46346874161 friends.
by SKEETERBITES December 21, 2006
1. Present in any given social environment, A douchebag is "that guy"... that squawking choadspank who is completely full of shit, or that moron whose head is so far up his or her ass that they will never see the light nor breathe the air again.

2. In a social situation, This person is ALWAYS the most unintelligent, arrogant, worthless, and audacious person, however firmly believes themselves to be the smartest, most important, and most sociable.

3. He is the guy that really gets under your skin, that jerk-off artist who stole that girl's virginity who you've had a crush on since the first grade, that sick minded individual that manages to suck some of the the most genuine and moral people into his fake distructive facade

3. Someone who is completely unbearable and unreasonable when put in a leadership position, for the more power they are given, the more endorsed they feel to spew their bullshit in everyone's faces.

4. Someone who projects such a negative image that people around them agree they should not even bother waking up in the morning.

5. Someone who doesn't care about producing any moral good in this world, regardless of who they are or how much power they have
Anyone supporting open borders between Canada and Mexico, or a nationalized ID card, or the right to spy and collect data on American citizens, or the right to torture human beings, or the right to infringe on our second amendment rights to protect ourselves from our own corrupt government is a traitorous douchebag.

Fuck George W. Bush, what a fucking douchebag...
by RevelationToRevolution December 27, 2007
A common lamen who take roids to increase his puny muscle mass while shrinking his manhood thus creating the ultimate douchebag regret with small man syndrome. Typically where's sunglasses at night and inside clubs, wife-beaters or shiney bedazzled shirts to show off his roid muscles and to intimidate others. Except he is just over 5' tall and is always looked down upon at which time he spits on people and runs away screaming like a little bitch. One in the safety of his Benz with chrome rims and blacked out windows he believes is he now invisible to those around him and safe.

Doubebags are never safe, they stick out like a fat kid eating McDicks inside a McDicks. Joseph D'Antonio may have this experience while he worked at McDicks flipping burgers until his muscles grew and he was too good for burger flipping in his mind. He then got a nice Pit Bull and random tattoos all over his body to compliment his new roid muscle and turned into a full fledge Douchebag of Vancouver. He's currently applying to be on the Douchebags of Vancouver TV show which will air as soon as they can find enough Douchebag's who can actually spell and sign their name.
Douchebag, Joseph D'Antonio local Vancouver Celebrity in the car scene who recently attacked and spit on a fellow car enthuisiast because he had roid rage over a parking spot at a grocery store. He then ran away like a bitch, but came back to key the victims vehicle and then ran away like a little bitch a second time.
by Douchebag finder December 19, 2013
A person almost completely lacking in social awareness, yet thinks they are actually some sort of casanova. Usually has an extremely inflated sense of self worth, which is puzzling to others because in reality they are seen as quite irritating or pathetic. A more extreme version of a "douche" in the sense that they are more in your face about displaying their douchiness.
Wow he thinks those girls are really into him and keeps forcing awkward conversation with them when its obvious to everybody else that they think he's repulsive. He's a total douchebag
by The Gold is Here August 04, 2007
1. egotist who disrespects others in an attempt to 'be cool' with the aim of generating love interests or elevating his social standing - especially when this behavior takes the form of attention-seeking antics that defy social norms

2. person who appears uncool, unoriginal and insecure due to his or her habit of trying too hard to appear cool or clever or tough or hip or in-style

3. guido, wigger, or anyone who behaves similarly
1. Yeah man, some guy in a candy ass red Porsche pulls a foot in front of me and then slams on his brakes. I wasn't even in the high speed lane. Fucking douchebag.

2. Dude, did you notice that guy who came into the club carrying his motorcycle helmet, with no shirt on? And, get this -- he has a guitar strapped to his back? The douchebag's not even in the band! Like who does he think he is -- Iggy Pop? Talk about trying too hard.

3. Check out the boardwalk here with all these look-alike shitheads wearing their fruity pink shirts with popped collars. Oh man, they've got massive gobs of guido goo in their hair! Sooo funny! I mean, these fucking ass clowns actually believe that they look cool. It's hilarious! And man, don't even get me started on all the trustifarians and wiggers out here -- it's pretty much Douchebag Central here! Ha ha !
by TheCoolestGuyEvah June 13, 2011
A pretentious, egotistical jerk. Anyone who has an over-inflated sense of superiority.

Not to be confused with Asshole, as assholes are proud of themselves and know and do not care others hate them.

Douchebags are oblivious to being hated and scorned by others.
"I hate that slutty douchebag Kaity. She honestly thinks everyone wants her stupid ass "

I hate faggot hipster douchbags.
by Emos_Suck September 26, 2010
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