1) an item consisting of a rubber bag, tube and nozzle, used to clean a woman's vagina
2) a male over the age of eight wearing a pink polo shirt, usually with popped collar, and usually wearing a badly-clashing baseball cap, many times backwards
2a) includes males who also wear cowry-shell or "pooka"-shell necklaces, Livestrong bracelets in various colors/for other causes, prefer oversized Phat Farm, Vans or DC sneakers with huge "tongues". Some also wear large amounts of fake-gold chains and fake-diamond earrings, and hit on girls much younger than they
2b) subset of douchebags includes "bros", aka "brahs"; many of these play X-Box and think that it is a decent gaming system
3) People who have actually said, in all seriousness, "No fat chicks"
Did you see Anthony? He's wearing that pink fuckin' polo shirt with the popped collar again! What a fuckin' douchebag!

Kevin Federline man, what a douchebag!
by TranceGemini January 11, 2007
What you call the annoying egocentrical guy that sits behind you in class or at work. Typically someone who is full of themselves and knows it.
You here that guy who keeps talking about himself? Well, he's a fucking douche bag.
by mac'n ass casey June 04, 2009
One who thinks he is 'the shit' when in reality he is a giant tool.
"My boyfriend Nick G. called me a cunt and a fucking bitch today, right after we left the Dodger game."

"And you're still together? Seriously? Why do you enjoy dating a douche bag?!
by Wise-man-errr May 27, 2009
Anyone who appears or watches a reality television show.
Hey man, American Idol is on in 5 minutes.

Fuck off mate, that show is full of Douche Bag's
by Ceebus May 16, 2009
1:A person who thinks their better than others

2:A person who thinks their cool but not

3:People who are always saying your wrong and say their right but being stubborn

4: Someone who laughs at you and makes fun of you if having a personal problem

5: A person who puts you down

6: Someone who never listen to what you say

7: Cleans a female vagina
"heh heh.. you have a F on your test, I have a better grade than you haha.. failure"

"your such a douche bag.."
by UniversalAnswer May 11, 2009
The slang usage of the term dates back to the 1960s. Douche bag, or douche refers to bad qualities, specifically one's swagger, ignorance, and/or cruel intentions.
Michael Moor's such a douche bag because he places himself on a pedestal in his movies.
by Zepln8989 April 20, 2009
people who give thumbs down to all the definitions on this website
your a douche bag if you give this definition thumbs down
by TiTyRon April 14, 2009
Any male who defined "Love" on Urbandictionry
Go outside, douchebags
by GregSIsTheBest March 12, 2009

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