1) an item consisting of a rubber bag, tube and nozzle, used to clean a woman's vagina
2) a male over the age of eight wearing a pink polo shirt, usually with popped collar, and usually wearing a badly-clashing baseball cap, many times backwards
2a) includes males who also wear cowry-shell or "pooka"-shell necklaces, Livestrong bracelets in various colors/for other causes, prefer oversized Phat Farm, Vans or DC sneakers with huge "tongues". Some also wear large amounts of fake-gold chains and fake-diamond earrings, and hit on girls much younger than they
2b) subset of douchebags includes "bros", aka "brahs"; many of these play X-Box and think that it is a decent gaming system
3) People who have actually said, in all seriousness, "No fat chicks"
Did you see Anthony? He's wearing that pink fuckin' polo shirt with the popped collar again! What a fuckin' douchebag!

Kevin Federline man, what a douchebag!
#douchebag #asshole #bling #phat farm #faggot #collar-popper
by TranceGemini January 11, 2007
One who feels the need to over-editorialize in their Urban Dictionary submissions.
A hypothetical douchebag's Urban Dictionary Submission on "marijuana." Notice that only the first sentence is a definition:

Marijuana is a plant that lots of people smoke to get high. A lot of people think that marijuana is a harmless drug but that is not true. There have been many studies done on marijuana and it toally fries your brain. I heard this one kid jammed a fork in his eye because he was so "high" on the "dope chronics." I seen this thing on the TV that says that one smoking of marijuana makes you high for two months. Also my sister smokes marijuana and it made her totally stupid cause she is a tard. Don't smoke marijuana!!!
#fag #retard #shut the fuck up #just give me a defintion #nobody gives a shit what stance on hippie culure is
by TobyTheRobot September 10, 2006
Is a person that is a total moron and doesn't think before he/she speaks or acts.
What a stupid Douche Bag, he has no clue what he is talking about
by Pabstman February 15, 2005
The name of the guy dating the girl of your dreams.
Can you believe Laura is seeing that guy?!! What a douchebag.
#asswipe #jackass #tool #dumbass #shithead
by christopher5000 April 08, 2007
That annoying guy that always talks about how cool he is, how tough he is, and acts like he is better than everyone. He tries to start shit with people and be a complete dick - usually unknowingly since he doesn't catch the fact that he's making a fool out of himself.

Though the common douchebag thinks he is accepted by the people around him, most people dislike him. He loves to appear in many places, such as parties where he seeks attention by, again, making a fool out of himself. A douchebag is also considered a little bitch.

To cure douchebag-iness, apply fist to face of douchebag every once in a while (usually when he tries to act tough). After a while it may or may not disappear. If symptoms continue, resort to more violent and dramatic measures.
That douchebag is a fake, somebody should beat him up.
#douchebag #dick #bitch. fag #faggot #asshole #ass #shit #party #parties #dumbass #idiot
by Eliminator July 27, 2007
An incorrect link to the word "Douchebag"
See also douchebag. Definition 1 also applies to douchebag.
by Michael October 30, 2004
1) An individual with an inflated self-esteem who is deeply deficient in social skills. They laugh loudly at their own jokes, quote themselves repeatedly, and are never as entertaining to others as they are to themselves.
2) ER physicians
That doctor is such a douche bag.
#assclown #buttmonkey #loser #tool #chamales
by FP Resident December 23, 2005
1.A stupid person who thinks that they are just too cool for anyone else. They are pompous assholes and usually don't know what they are talking about. They hang out with other douche bags that act the same way. 2.They can easily be spotted on college campuses around the US.
3.Boys are usually wearing a pre-ripped up hat, cop sunglasses, shell or hemp necklace, Abercrombie, (pink) polo shirt with a popped collar or even better another one on top of that with 2 t-shirts underneath, ripped jeans, and my favorite some kind of sandals mostly flip-flops.
3.Girls on the other hand usually have any combination of too many high/lowlights, too much makeup, willy wonka sun glasses, lots of gaudy jewelery, Abercrombie and other douche shirts like it, ripped up jeans or jean skirts that are frayed up, those ugly baggy yoga pants, designer purses, feet tattoos, and flip-flops.
Hey Stephanie look at that douche bag out there with the popped collar and pre-ripped jeans.

Ashlee Simpson is a douche bag.

Quit being a douche and give me the 5 bucks you owe me.
#douche #d-bag #tool #asshole #cocky
by ramber January 09, 2006
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