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Any person, but usually a man, who acts like a douchebag, and then, when called out on being a douchebag, cries about it to other people like a baby.

Any person who does douchebag type actions, but in such a childish way that his/her immaturity is the main reason for the douchery.

A person who does not take responsibilty for his/her own douchebag behavior, or conversely is so immature he or she cannot even recongnize that the behavior is that of a douchebag.

A person not old enough to drive a douche canoe.
My ex won't pay child support, but then acts like a douchebaby when I report his ass to DMV and he loses his licence.
by you want it? you got it! January 17, 2014
When your mother was pregnant with you and douched out her vagina making you a douche baby
you your brother your sister maybe your parents who knows but we do know you are a douche baby - Kernal Sanders
by tylerconcs November 12, 2007

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