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1) Gathering of douches in a secluded area.

2) Party in which the only people that show up are complete douches, making the party very douchelike.
1) "Look at that douchey douche-a-palooza of douches over there douching it up."

2) "Where is everyone?!?!? God, this party is such a freakin douche-a-palooza!"
by Dziadosz April 01, 2008

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1. Any large congregation of douches. AKA Frat houses.

2. A single person who is being Douchetastic, so much so that the individual has created an entire atmosphere of douchiness.
Stevie: I banged your sister last night.

Jeff: You are doucheapalooza.
by Nig-Nag June 06, 2009