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1) Gathering of douches in a secluded area.

2) Party in which the only people that show up are complete douches, making the party very douchelike.
1) "Look at that douchey douche-a-palooza of douches over there douching it up."

2) "Where is everyone?!?!? God, this party is such a freakin douche-a-palooza!"
by Dziadosz April 01, 2008
1. Any large congregation of douches. AKA Frat houses.

2. A single person who is being Douchetastic, so much so that the individual has created an entire atmosphere of douchiness.
Stevie: I banged your sister last night.

Jeff: You are doucheapalooza.
by Nig-Nag June 06, 2009
When a crowd of four-five douche bags are isolated from a crowd, (with the exception of a couple of outsiders) and are trying to "show off", impress somebody, or are just being plain douchey.
Bob, Steve, Peter, John, and Vincent are playing basketball and keep trying to hit three pointers, but they're totally failing. Don't get me started on the way Peter tripped while doing a layup trying to impress Sheila. Can you say douche-a-palooza?
by YOSHNCLRS February 21, 2015
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