The business end of a douche.
Look at the douchenozzle on that Ho.
by Rickky Bobbi September 23, 2008
The distillation of the essence of a douche, compressed as the douche travels via liquid form through the aforementioned nozzle.
Fuck that douchenozzle, we were supposed to see Friendship is Magic this evening.
by gorandy January 23, 2013
A word Defining a real special kinda know the kind that never shuts the fuck up and always whines about silly adds insult to injury...when the normal douche just won't do the refer to a person as a Douche nozzle!! Implying that they themselves clean dirty Vaginas!!! XD ahahaa!!
That Bradley Hodges is being extra Douchey he is being a real Douche Nozzle!! lolololol!!!
by ebower November 30, 2011
To be a creator of douches or to be the god of douche bags as well as being completely full of themselves. Only a select few have been able to claim this title.
Guy 1: Hey, did you hear, Greg is dating his ex-girlfriend's best friend?

Guy 2: Yeah, hes really a douche nozzle.
by MasterofSkyrim November 14, 2011
One or more exhaust pipes on a pickup truck which are re-routed from the normal stock routing to instead go vertically through the bed imediately behind the cab. Extra douche points are awarded if the engine is gasoline and not a diesel.
Check out the double douche nozzles on that Ford Lighting!
by peterbuilt October 28, 2011
douchenozzle- is the word in french meaning to wash, or shower+nozzle as in a shower nozzle. basically calling someone a shower head. :)
Example: "My dad comes up with weird words, and racial slurs." "He called me this, and I just stared at him, and told him what it really meant. Now my aunt uses it"

Other: "John is such a douchenozzle, he forgot to pick-up gas money" Friend: :/
by AyameMaaka July 14, 2011
Someone who acts very snotty, either online or offline, and has no idea they're acting in a socially reprehensible manner.
Did you see her post on FB last night?
Yeah, she's such a douchenozzle.
by Jimmy from the Ville November 08, 2010

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