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The blabber mouth tradesman, usually an electrician with a penchant for soapbox sermons. The ever-willing preacher of self-righteousness with a lack of self-reflection, always pointing out the faults of others and incessantly thumping his chest in a deluded victory when in any given social situation. The Douche Nozzle possesses social skills that are Neanderthal level attempts to detract from their own self-loathing caused by mundane physical attributes such as excess body hair, extra digits or even poor fashion sense.
That new guy is a real douche nozzle, he hasn't shut up once today and he's pissing me off with his glorious yarns of honor and integrity, the guy is so full of shit and just shy of being a fuckstick. Heck, did you see the guy, he looks like a Wookie, has 12 toes and dresses like a lumberjack and he's trying to tell me how i should run my life.
by Adolph Oliver Nipple December 02, 2009
Being such a douche bag that you are actually compared to the end inserted into one ass.
Ya know he is seriously a douche nozzle
by Fat man walkin May 25, 2009
A word used to one up someone who calls you a douchebag.

John: Brad you are such a douchebag.. Haha

Instigator: ooooh.. man he clowned u... aren't u gonna get back at him?

Brad: Well john... yer.. Uhh... a... umm... A douche nozzle!

Instigator: Burn!!!

*John hangs his head in shame*
by IHateYouXoXo May 10, 2009
Broad insult towards a person acting in a negative fashion, or like a douche or douche-bag.
Douche: "Hey watch me twirl my belt-buckle wheel rim, I'm so sweet!"

Average Joe: "Shut the fuck up you douchenozzle!"
by Moosetoph March 26, 2009
The business end of a douche.
Look at the douchenozzle on that Ho.
by Rickky Bobbi September 23, 2008
The distillation of the essence of a douche, compressed as the douche travels via liquid form through the aforementioned nozzle.
Fuck that douchenozzle, we were supposed to see Friendship is Magic this evening.
by gorandy January 23, 2013
A word Defining a real special kinda person...you know the kind that never shuts the fuck up and always whines about silly shit....it adds insult to injury...when the normal douche just won't do the job...you refer to a person as a Douche nozzle!! Implying that they themselves clean dirty Vaginas!!! XD ahahaa!!
That Bradley Hodges is being extra Douchey today...man he is being a real Douche Nozzle!! lolololol!!!
by ebower November 30, 2011