Letting an unrestrained amount of douche omit from a person.
That kid really turned on his douche-nozzle last night when he shattered all of the windows on my car.
by thereallurpy January 31, 2011
Like a douche, but more fun to say
God Charles, you're such a douchenozzle.
by ReezyRoo February 05, 2015
1. A fucking nozzle for a douche bag.
2. A hipster
Look at that hipster over there. He's such a douchenozzle.
by SirCheeks July 17, 2012
A baseball cap with a straight brim, usually adorned with price tags or removable stickers. Often worn by skinny Caucasian males in the hopes they will be mistaken for African American males.
Biebs was sporting a douche nozzle when they arrested him.
by DoktorWhoTwo January 29, 2014
Referring to a person that has passed the requirements for being a douchbag and thus has become a douchenozzle.
You are such a douche that I am deeming you a douchenozzle.
by sirconman July 06, 2009
A rare synonym of douchebag which replaces the feminine form of the bag with the masculine form of the nozzle. It is used mostly among certain feminists, along with dickbag, because they prefer to use masculine insults like dick rather than feminine insults like cunt regardless of the sex of the insultee.
That guy was such a douchenozzle
by sappin mah entry December 31, 2011
Los Angeles colloquial for vuvuzela.
I hate going to the game and having to hear everyone blasting their douche nozzles.
by Belmar July 15, 2010

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