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same meaning as the word douchebag but has more zip and playfulness
Boss: Lowly Unpaid Intern,get my coffee and it better be here soon or else you'll be looking in the paper for a new job while living in a cardboard box {leaves room}

Receptionist: That dude's an asswipe

Intern: No,he's a total douchemuffin
by Blair_Mowry_Grant January 14, 2012
a man that acts like a douche bag and has a muffin top.
That kid that lives on third story in baddour is such a douche muffin
by homer d. poe November 11, 2007
some one who is weak, a pansy, or someone who does lots of stupid stuff
Jay Warren is a major douchemuffin
by fagh8er December 11, 2004
1. A rendering of the commonly used slang word, Douche Bag, mostly used without the intent of insulting, but more along the lines of a comical purpose. However, it can be effectively used as an insult.

2. A baked muffin containing vaginal fluids.
1. After spilling the orange juice concentrate all over his new pants, Borus' friend Hogarth comicly called him a "Douche Muffin."

2. The "Douche Muffin" is often considered offensive to women's rights activists, due to it's main ingredient.
by Adam Carey August 23, 2006
a child that has surpassed the classification of brat and gone in to the realm of douche.

A smaller version of a douche bag
Johnny was being a little douche muffin on the playground today and wouldn't listen to his nanny.
by Geekslady February 13, 2011
his names greg.
and hes a douchemuffin.
henryetta; who tha fuck is that yo

joseph; thats greg

henryetta; oh hes a total douchemuffin FOR SURE.
by henryettaIMAGIRL August 07, 2009
when a girl cleans there vagina with a muffin
"Becky, i use my douche muffin a lot because of my yeast infection."
by bencarper November 09, 2007