A male who always tries to be better that another male in every way. Also a guy who blocks your cock so he can try only to fail in the end.
Hot girl "Hey adam i love your shirt"
adam "thanks, can i get your number"
Douchedick "I taught him how to wear shirts like that, talk to me instead"
adam "fuckin douchedick"
by EdgarMayneeeeeeee January 27, 2008
Top Definition
A person with both the qualities of a douche bag and also a dick.
Hey that guy wearing the pink shirt with the collar up is a real douche dick.
by timbog1979 April 16, 2006
A combination of someone who is a total dick and a bit of a douche bag
That guy wearing the pink shirt with the collar up is a total douche dick.
by timbog1979 April 16, 2006
1. A male who is so confused with his own sexuality, he washes his penis with a small plastic water bottle.

2. A combination of a douchebag and a dickweed.
1. "Man that fag was so drunk! What a douchedick!"
2. "After seeing the way he drives, I have determined he is a complete douchedick."
by Clint & Cherise October 27, 2005
A type of person that isn't only a douche or a dick... he then become a combination of the 2 and gets called a 'DoucheDick!'
Don't be a douchedick!!

Nancy's such a douchedick... she locked me out!!!
by Felicia Francisco January 11, 2016
The male equivalent to "basic bitch."
Bobby: "What's up with that new guy?"

Dillon: "Oh, that guy? He's a douche dick."
by sportsfan931 January 28, 2015
A person so mean and rude you can't just call them a "duche" or "dick"
You: That guy took up two spots and then spilt his drink on half the people here.

Friend: What a douche-dick.
by TickleMeSilly March 26, 2014

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