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n. A male in the late teen to mid twenty's age range who always interferes with another guy who is getting acquainted or having a conversation with a pretty girl. Often times the douche knows the girl from either high school or somewhere else. Their reason for coming over to talk to the girl while she is in a conversation with another guy is to basically "Cock Block" and get her number first right in front of the other guy. This person's attire is usually defined by expensive jeans, a polo shirt (often with a propped collar), and bright white sneakers. They have a posse most of the time that all look alike and have the idea that they are better than everyone else, even secretly amongst themselves.
"Dude, look at that guy hittin on that cute girl that Bob was talking to. He butted right in on their conversation and gave her a hug. He is definately a member of the douche crew! No respect for his fellow man."
by Lomonte95 July 06, 2006
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a gathering of 2 or more douchebags.
Look at all those popped collars! That's a complete douche crew.
by Skirish April 24, 2010
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Douchecrew is the most feared and envied clan on the the last of us on both the ps3 and ps4. The sound of the name wets many panties as well as generates fear into groups such as their rivals nicecrew, started by ex douchecrew member Lyndan. Douchecrew was founded by douchemasters Mert, Arie and J. in hopes to create the most vulgar and superior clan with the philosophy of "Only A True Douche puts Himself Before Others, UNLESS it is a Fellow Douche..."

For years this clan has successfully done both smack talked and taken craps on other clans with ease. First they appeared with a Facebook page, then a twitter, and now a reddit. Most don't even consider this a clan anymore. It is an empire.
Mert: "Hey J., Arie, check it out. Lyndan is gonna try to take us with a 9mm again lol."
Arie: "So why should we be concerned?

*Meanwhile on playstation network

Everybody: "I killed Lyndan."
Everybody else: "Yeah, so whats the accomplishment?"
by Canadiankid415 January 06, 2015
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