A reflexive physical manifestation of the base emotional reaction that occurs when one encounters something they find decidedly offensive and/or insulting at either an instinctual or intellectual level.
Everytime I hear someone refer to the simple act of living life as "their journey," I get douchechills up and down my spine.
by Useyername October 28, 2009
a shooting spine tingling chill felt throughout the entire body brought on by a awkward, embarrassing or uncomfortable moment...This can be either self inflicted by embarrassing the shit out of yourself in a public setting or secondary to witnessing someone else doing something corny, douchie or creepy...douche chills only last for a short time but are very scary...the harvard medical journal did a study on douche chills and concluded as little as ONE episode of douche chills inflicted on someone by another is known to end personal friendships or relationships...so try not to be a douche bag or make a ass out of yourself...
"everytime that kid opens his friggin mouth he gives me douche chillssss"
by johnny bisquick November 11, 2011
When someone is being a douche bag so bad you get the chills.
The lady I work with was on the phone and was being such a douche to the person on the other end that I got the douche chills.
by Jen9057 September 29, 2009
When ever you walk by someone and you look at them and realize that they are complete assholes, pretty much means they make you feel ashamed to be a human.
People who walk around acting like there the shit, when there just some punk asshole who needs to get that ghetto ass hat of his turned shoved up his ass. and then you feel a chill go down your spine(Douche Chills).
by Richard Tang December 31, 2010
the chills you receive when someone is acting like a TOTAL douche. the only cure is to destroy said persons babymaker and put them in their place.
im gettin some serious douche chills from you.

i couldnt handle the douche chills 24/7 so i broke up with him.

he gave us all serious douche chills so we destroyed his babymaker and hes aight now.
by kay-jay. July 27, 2009
The result of having been exposed to something chilling, or incredibly uncool.

A bodily reaction, usually from the waist down that comes from being surrounded by a 'really bad scene'.
Dick Cheney with a shotgun gives me a bad case of the Douche Chills.

Hanging out with that guy, Ted Bundy, gave me Douche Chills.
by Papabear71 January 04, 2008
A 2008 expansion team in the La Resistance Football League.
Wow, the Douche Chills are so good this year, they give me douche chills.
by mattkatz July 10, 2008
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