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noun. The friends of friends that show up at parties and generally disregard the rules of the house making asses of themselves in the process. They are hard to get rid of for fear of offending your close friend that is friends with these people.
I'd invite Phil to the party but he always brings along his douche baggage.
by cynic4000 May 04, 2007
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A wordplay on combining "douchebag" and "baggage" — Defined as an unfavorable reputation associated with an item or activity because of the people who most often seem to posses said item or participate in said activity. The item or activity itself bears no responsibility for this reputation, but rather the people — i/e douchebags — make that item or activity undesirable to regular people because of the perceived douchebag affinity for it.
"I really like white sunglasses, but I'd never wear them. They've got too much douchebaggage."
by thewizzard24 August 07, 2009
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When your ex is a complete douche and they keep coming back trying to worm their way into your life after you've dumped them for their repeated douchebaggery; They try to prohibit you from moving on to a better relationship with a non-douche.

They tend to pop up just as you seem to be moving on. They are hard to get rid of.
I need to get rid of this douchebaggage before I agree to date someone new.
by Valfral March 22, 2013
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The children, psycho baby mamas, ex-girlfriends, criminal records or other problems that come with dating a douche bag.
"it didn't work out with Ronnie, he had two kids With two different women, that's way too much douche-baggage to deal with."
by Not so shorty August 25, 2012
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A level of considerable attitude and/or cockiness brought into a situation by a douchebag.
Steve, the new marketing intern who is clearly a douchebag, has brought unpacked his douchebaggage all over the office.
by JerseyGirl71 January 06, 2011
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Check out the douchebaggage on Todd. I bet he had to pay for that. He couldn't fit that douchebaggage in the overhead compartment.
by Not Douchebaggage October 31, 2009
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intangible things, feelings, or circumstances that cause one to behave in a douchey manner
When you come in here you need to check your douchebaggage at the door.
by xfit kid September 23, 2010
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