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1. n. - Someone who commits cowardly acts and refuses to take responsibility for them, usually getting peers in trouble. Often tries to put others down with insults that a person with the intelect of a snail could think of. Never lends money, never does favors, does not give a f_ck if you go and jump of a cliff. A crappy friend, relies and depends on other people misery for pleasure.
"Josh is such a f_ucking douche bag, he put dog sh_t in my backpack and told me it wasn't him, then asked me for a dollar for a water bottle... i pushed him to the floor and he cracked up and told me to get a life."
by PlGEON May 07, 2006
53 37
A person who continuously argues with everyone around him, regardless of the validity of his opinions, simply for the sake of being difficult to deal with.
Man, every time I would say something, Scott Cooper would argue with me, even though he was always wrong. What a total douche-bag.
by coopersavirgin November 28, 2009
34 19
Kanye West
During the 2009 Video music awards, Douche Bag rudely interrupted Taylor Swift.
by ima gayfish September 21, 2009
23 8
Kanye West.
Kanye West is a fucking douchebag.
by Toy Machine yeah September 15, 2009
24 9
Spencer Pratt.

by Jay-May August 16, 2008
39 24
Someone who slows the learning process down of the entire world. Demanding to be loved, Arrogance, dishonest, pretentious, self-absorbed, pussy, little bitch, two-faced, hits women, acts familiar and then trashes a person behind their back, standoff-ish, trendy/conforming, uses other people, no direction in life, negative, destructive to those around him, unintelligent, likes 'secrets', the game you just lost
Half the people in Atlanta, GA are douchebags.
by Family Plot July 20, 2008
23 8
1. A person (usually a male) who thinks they are alot cooler than they really are.
2. They have no concept of reality and are very self-centered.
3. You just can't stand looking at them and ususally whatever comes out of their mouth is idiotic and just doesn't make sense.
4. They just don't get it whether it be their personality and/or fashion/style.
Spencer on the MTV show the Hills!

Girl 1: I just hate the way Spencer looks with that grin and silly goatee.
Girl 2: Ya not to mention the stuff that comes out of his mouth. Ughh...what a douche bag!
by Brent P March 25, 2008
31 16