a term given to people who think they have made up there own word like douchinator

same as douche bag
Man what a douche ass, he thinks he make up the word douchinator.
by lj_allday November 14, 2011
Top Definition
another term i made up like douchinator
same as douche bag
"shut up douche ass"
by Adam fukin Menendez March 03, 2007
A person who has qualities of a jackass and a douche bag. Potentially the worst combination of qualities ever
That guy almost crashed into me after he ran a red light then flipped me off like it was somehow my fault... what a douche ass
by philip12345 September 23, 2009
One who exemplifies the overbearing qualities of a douchebag and at all other times is just an asshole.
Howie is such a douche-ass. He makes all them douchebags look cool.
by eiwoh March 24, 2014
a conjunction of douche bag and dumb ass, used when your so mad you cant chose which one to use.
"that guy is such a douche-ass!" "president bush was a douche-ass!"
by pyro - rei December 26, 2008
A word used to modify any person solely as a put-down or commonly used in a combination of put-downs.
(1) Rick, that upsidedown, backwards visor is fuckin' gay, you doucheass.

(2) That kid is a doucheass mother fuckin' faget.
by Pierce S. December 09, 2003
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