used as an acknowledgment during a discussion when a good or clever point made, usually in an extremely asshole-ish manner. and usually the expense of the person to which to comment is directed
-"no I don't want to eat at that restaraunt, it has a funky fish smell"
-"yea well, it's no worse than your girl's pootang"
-"ahhh, douché"
by Kyndness February 05, 2010
a person who is a complete asshole or just strikes you a ass wipe.
a douche is usually friends with other douches or has no friends.
#1 "did you see that guy?"
"yeah he looked like a douche"
#2 "do you know Johnathan?"
"yeah he is the biggest douche ever!"
by widespread March 18, 2009
Similar to touché. French, it's what you say to a douche - - after they attempt to smack you down with douchey repartee. By replying in this way, you acknowledge their intelligence, while reminding them of their douchiness.
Bruce: "Your dad is so gay."
Stephen: "It takes one to know one."
Bruce: "Douché."
by Bknixon1234 September 13, 2008

Similiar to touché, but used to the opposite effect. Douché is used to acknowledge an unintelligent or otherwise douchey remark, especially when speaker´s reply is intended to be clever or witty.
- "How's your sex life? Shitty i assume? Today i boned a chick or two. What'd you do?"

- "I went to the hardware store to buy a bone-hammer."

- "oh yeah? Isn't that like a pelvic replacement that allows you to use this bone-hammer as a metaphorical arm that hammers your bone into a chick because your hips haven't enough thrust power, you little shit?"

- "Douché."
by linguamecca September 09, 2011
Something presented as helpful and beneficial for women when in fact it's wholly unnecessary and can cause more problems down the line. Alternately, a person who might be described in a roughly similar way.
That douche seemed pleasant at first, but really started to irritate me after a few days.
by Lunck September 27, 2010
Person who eats pretzel goldfish instead of buying less expensive real pretzels.
John is such a douche for eating goldfish pretzels.
by acub1one September 09, 2010
Kayne West; The object one becomes when a bully rapper barges on stage, snatches a mic from a 19 year old female country music star who is accepting an award, and announces that another is more deserving of the award; The object one becomes when one stomps on a kitten.
So, who's the douche who just took the mic from that wonderfully talented, deserving musical talent?
by NSP33 September 15, 2009

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