a dude that is an asshole and very dumb, usaully hide behind their buff friends, alot of jocks and pozer jocks are douches
that kid nick is a douche
by sacz69 January 25, 2008
A word to describe really annoying people.
"My god, dude, Andy pisses me off around chicks."
"Yeah, dude, I know...he turns into such a douche."
"You wanna go, Dom?"
"Yeah, lets go!"
(Andy dies.)
by Doom da Man May 18, 2007
1: a jet or current especially of water directed against a part or into a cavity of the body b : an act of cleansing with a douche
2: David Hasselhoff
"Dude! I saw the douche from Baywatch get out of his car today in brown, lace-up leather pants, waving his arms like an idiot!"
by WU December 11, 2005
an idiot who proves himself worthy of absolute humilliation.
Jaron! You douche! You ran over my hand with your car!
by Tom Bombadillo June 14, 2005
A person with an unsubstantiated Narcicis complex which causes them to be generally unpleasant, or unnecessary and increases your risk of yeast infection.
jim is such a douche. I should avoid him, lest I risk irritating my lady bits.
by lady bits January 30, 2011
A person who owns both an iPhone and an iPad.
Guy 1: Dude look at John's new iPad. Doesn't he also have an iPhone?

Guy 2: Yea. He's totally a douche.
by jonodp April 03, 2010
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