A douche is a mismatching, collar popping, wannabe player who is actually a jerk. they tend to be somewhat good at sports, yet they decide to wear very bright clothes and hit on chicks out of their league.
Aymane- look who's coming

Cam- awww not the douche again

Aymane- hey john-brandon what's up

Liz- I'm going to class now see ya
by daboiiiiiiz April 09, 2009
a dude that is an asshole and very dumb, usaully hide behind their buff friends, alot of jocks and pozer jocks are douches
that kid nick is a douche
by sacz69 January 25, 2008
1) a vaginal cleansing device
2) a weak little pussy who often tattles on others because he is incapable of solving a problem by himself, and therefor invites more attacks.
on warm saturday nights... i go home.. close my door... turn up the music.. and douche myself.

god...god, ur just, ur such a douche...just god.. DON'T TOUCH ME!
by NoMerci366 February 19, 2005
Michael Besly. Lead singer of The Farther I Fall.
Michael Besly is a douche.
by DrunkLahey November 19, 2011
Anyone named Max and goes to Lumen Christi High School in Jackson, MI
Bram: Dude, Douche sent me a message on facebook yesterday saying he wants to be friends.

Jacob: Oh my, that's terrible. Max is a fag.

Bram: You mean, Douche is a fag.
by 1bram4 December 20, 2009
A word, which describes someone who has numerous personality defects, which make them undesirable and unfit for social interaction. These people are repulsive and are likened to a douche, a device used to clean the most unsightly areas of the human body--the asshole and the pussy, which, not by coincidence, are words often used interchangeably with the world "douche" to describe such a person. Characteristics of a douche, include but are not limited to being cocky, pompous, self-centered, selfish, mean-spirited, and of course, being an asshole or a pussy, as mentioned earlier.
That guy in the Camero is such a douche, I can smell his Drakkar even with my windows rolled up. His own mother must hate him. What an asshole/pussy.
by nartmot July 13, 2009
When someone one-ups you in a clever, albeit douchey way.
Pronounced like touché.
Person 1: <overlong speech, monologue, etc.>
Person 2: Nice one-man, four-act play, guy.
Person 1: Douché!
by ArtsyMcShitshimself March 14, 2008

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