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A person who owns both an iPhone and an iPad.
Guy 1: Dude look at John's new iPad. Doesn't he also have an iPhone?

Guy 2: Yea. He's totally a douche.
by jonodp April 03, 2010
9 4
Anyone named Max and goes to Lumen Christi High School in Jackson, MI
Bram: Dude, Douche sent me a message on facebook yesterday saying he wants to be friends.

Jacob: Oh my, that's terrible. Max is a fag.

Bram: You mean, Douche is a fag.
by 1bram4 December 20, 2009
15 10
A guy that tells a girl whatever she wants to hear.
James: "I think all men and women are equal"

Kelly: "Awww, you do!?!"

Melanie: "Jared shut up and stop being a douche!"
by Mel326 June 16, 2008
12 7
When someone one-ups you in a clever, albeit douchey way.
Pronounced like touché.
Person 1: <overlong speech, monologue, etc.>
Person 2: Nice one-man, four-act play, guy.
Person 1: Douché!
by ArtsyMcShitshimself March 14, 2008
16 11
The best insult known to man, mostly used out of context to piss people the fuck off.
ex) Mike: Tom you're such a fucking douche.

ex) Tom Cruise
by Michael Markey February 27, 2008
10 5
a dude that is an asshole and very dumb, usaully hide behind their buff friends, alot of jocks and pozer jocks are douches
that kid nick is a douche
by sacz69 January 25, 2008
13 8
A word to describe really annoying people.
"My god, dude, Andy pisses me off around chicks."
"Yeah, dude, I know...he turns into such a douche."
"You wanna go, Dom?"
"Yeah, lets go!"
(Andy dies.)
by Doom da Man May 18, 2007
11 6