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People who are stupid, lie, and slow down the progress of all man-kind
John Edward; the biggest douche in the universe
by Star Girl Ollie September 11, 2007
17 8
1) a vaginal cleansing device
2) a weak little pussy who often tattles on others because he is incapable of solving a problem by himself, and therefor invites more attacks.
on warm saturday nights... i go home.. close my door... turn up the music.. and douche myself.

god...god, ur just, ur such a douche...just god.. DON'T TOUCH ME!
by NoMerci366 February 19, 2005
51 44
A term to be used in place of "touché", when an individual makes a good point but is a total asshat about it.
"The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776."

"According to Wikipedia, it was signed on August 2, 1776. Wow, I can't believe you didn't know that...."

by bell hooks December 06, 2010
9 3
A combination of the words "Douche" and "Touchè," it is when one person corrects another, or "Burns" another, and is being a real douche about it. A good example is when someone breaks a story up because he needs to correct some form of speech. The correct response to that is "Douchè"
Guy 1: So we was walking, and–
Guy 2: So we WERE walking. Learn how to speak!
Guy 1: Douchè
by Foil1212 August 28, 2010
7 1
the guy that walks up to you kicks you in the dick then proceeds to share his accomplishment with everyone within a miles radius while they laugh at your expense
thanks to that douche it stings when i pee
by fucktheheatilovetheconcrete April 15, 2009
12 6
A douche is a mismatching, collar popping, wannabe player who is actually a jerk. they tend to be somewhat good at sports, yet they decide to wear very bright clothes and hit on chicks out of their league.
Aymane- look who's coming

Cam- awww not the douche again

Aymane- hey john-brandon what's up

Liz- I'm going to class now see ya
by daboiiiiiiz April 09, 2009
12 6
Michael Besly. Lead singer of The Farther I Fall.
Michael Besly is a douche.
by DrunkLahey November 19, 2011
9 4