1) Any democrat that thinks they really have a chance of winning presidency in this world
2) Complete idiot
Wow, John Kerry is a really big douche...
Yeah... I know...
by dontcareforyou June 23, 2007
1. A bottle that boys want girls to shove in their vagina to make it clean. Can they not just wash it? Jeez..

2. a jerk, one who only thinks of themselves and sex.
1. Girl: You want me to what?
Boy: Douche.
Girl: ..why?
Boy: I.. I dont know. your vagina is very unpleasant and dirty.

2. John, you're a fucking douche for hiring a hooker while your girlfriend was otu of town.
by sdfsfsdfsfsd er gdfg September 05, 2006
a feminine not male product use to clean a nasty ass reproductive organ of the female the vagina that smells of dead decaying flesh that man tend to flea from unless there a nimfo. not ment to clean your shithole. I wouldnt say this unless someone i know has tried this. but we all tend to take advantage of the word and were proud of it. we use it for slang to make people feel like stupid assholes for stupid shit they've done,did,do,said,mentioned, and pretty much anything you have to think about before doin it that might make people call u a douche u probably will be called a douche.
dude your such a douche

Boy:hey u wanna bone
Girl: no sorry i have to douche

Boy: nasty!! u better douche that pussy before i fuck that shit!
Sister: ok

dude your such a douch for using a douch floyd lol
by Small T July 05, 2006
1.The sound a kickball makes when you kick it.

2.Your mom probly uses one.
1."Douche!"I kicked the kickball.

2. My grandma used a douche after she went to the bar and got fucked by a stranger.
by ryan...... June 07, 2006
n. a device which uses a combination of jet propulsion and syphoning to flush out leftover grime from the vagina, but still can't get rid of that sea dweller smell
Jacob performed cunninglingus on Jody so much that he started to use douche for a mouth wash.
by Jupiter Armstrong April 17, 2004
A friendly pink elephant people see when theyve eaten too many mushrooms.Some say this is a figment of imagination that if you play with him he'll lead you into a subway and get you run over.
"Douche and I stayed up all last night playing hide and go seek, that cheeky devil.I lost him when he went into the subway though."

dealer kills stoner.

The End
by Puppito April 01, 2004
Means to fight someone and it also describes the type of person that you would want to fight.
"That douche is such a clown, let's douche him after skool."
by Diego August 18, 2003
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