john edwards is what we call a douche, or a vagina cleaner.
john edwards i am telling you this u are a fake, and you are a douche.
by Lucas Bauserman March 23, 2007
1 a means of cleansing for a woman's vagina

2 can be used to insult a person
1 sorry i cant go out tonight i bought a douche and this is my only free night to use it

2 oi u fucken douche
by qwertyuidkgnejvn;fv June 24, 2006
A douche is a device used to introduce a stream of water into the body for medical or hygenic reasons, or the stream of water itself
The title of the biggest douche in the world will have to fall on Javier. This man is the saddest human (FYI the most down-grading piece of scum) in the world. He has claimed to have meet Ronnie Coleman, but this of course may be, no, is most plausible bullshit.

==A life in Douche==
This man starts by waking up at 5:00 in the morning, everyday. He enters his bathroom at 5:01 and stares at the mirror until 8:03 and then leaves for work. What he exactly does in his work place, UHS, between 8:16 to 8:50 is a mystery, but what is for sure is that he is always five fucking minutes late. From 9:00 depends how long his story is, talks about what everybody should do. In between his instructions, this '''douche''' will talk about past job experiences he had with varies companies that most likely never hired him. From the time he finishes to the end of 1st block, he looks up gay porn on the internet. '''Douche''' repeats this progress for all periods. When school ends at 3:45, '''Douche''' leaves for his house and arrives there at around 4:18. He enters his bathroom at 4:29 and stares at the mirror until 11:34 when he goes to sleep. The progress is repeated for five days.

==Slang uses==
A douche is someone who is incredibly annoying. "Hey, that Javier Sancez guy is such a douche!"

Terms such as '''douchebag''' and '''douche''' are also popular derogatory terms of insult] or ridicule in North America]. These terms have become popular in the comedic media, and can mean a variety of different insults:
* Someone who is annoying, bossy or embarrassing.
* Someone who is stupid, intellectually challenged or mentally deranged but less than clinically insane].
* Someone who is unintelligently lying or scam]ming.
* Someone who is arrogant], elitist] or snobby.
* Someone whom you don't like.
* Someone who is socially inept.
* Someone who you think is mentally challenged
by resistance April 11, 2006
French word for shower
Je me douché.

(I shower myself)
by DrkLtsJggl June 25, 2004
Used to acknowledge a successful criticism or an effective point in an argument, but with a notable hint of bitterness and resentment at being bested.
Lefty: "Yeah, but Clinton wasn't removed from Office..."

Righty: "Douché!"
by tha malcontent February 22, 2011
One who abbreviates Stuff. Also a male who takes Photos of him self.
Guy 1: Where ya heading?

Guy 2: Going to the ASF to take Pics of myself.

Guy 1: Dude, ur a Douche!!
by AkoniRich May 03, 2009
A ridiculously annoying, retarded, or hated person.
Dom: "My god, dude, Andy pisses me off around chicks."
Cody: "Yeah, dude, I know...he turns into such a douche...VICIOUS!"
Justin: "Piss me off...two pussies, two pussies, two pussies! Jack off, jack off, jack off!"
(Andy shows up from the potty where he's been for three minutes.)
Andy: "Sorry guys, I had to go green screen myself for the twenty-seventh time today."
Dom: "What a coincidence, we were just talking about what a douche you are."
Andy: "You wanna go, Dom?"
Dom: "Yeah, lets go!"
(Andy dies.)
by Doom da Man May 25, 2007

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