A ridiculously annoying, retarded, or
Dom: "My god, dude, Andy pisses me off around chicks."
Cody: "Yeah, dude, I know...he turns into such a douche...VICIOUS!"
Justin: "Piss me off...two pussies, two pussies, two pussies! Jack off, jack off, jack off!"
Andy: "You wanna go, Dom?"
Dom: "Yeah, lets go!"
(Andy dies.)
by Doom da Man May 18, 2007
To give a very typical item a thorough scrubbing.
"Yo, ma, I'm going to douche my car." or, "Hey, Sammy, I'm going out and when I get back, I expect you to have douched this kitchen."
by big_schnasty July 05, 2005
1) Twat cleansing liquid
2) Wanktard living above a convenience store
3) Classless, gay shocker recipient who says stupid shit in public
4) Bar star who can't keep his mouth shut
That douche was talking shit about my mom.

Honey, pass the douche, I think I have another yeast infection.
by JORGOR December 08, 2007
(Pronounced like the word "touché")

1. Adjective, acting like a douchebag.

2. Adverb, in a manner befitting a douchebag.

3. Noun, a synonym for douchebag.
1. "He is really douché."

2. "His pitching was really douché."

3. a) "What a douché!"

b) (In response to someone) "douché!"
by Landing Gear October 05, 2007
Its proper definition of douche is the introduction of of a fluid into the vagina for medical or hygienic reasons. Not being an enjoyable process, its derivatives are usually meant to insult. Terms such as shower pocket, douchebag, d-bag, DB, doucherama, doucher, douche turd, douchington, or simply douche are not uncommon.
"that cop gave me a ticket for only going 5mph over the limit, what a douche!"

"I'm trying to impress these people I'm taking you to meet, so don't be a d-bag or anything, ok?"
by Reginald Emmett McCafferty June 09, 2007
The Dutch, French and some other countries word for 'shower'. For the nastier meaning see other entries for this word.
A Dutch person would say:'Ik neem een douche.' (I'm taking a shower)
by Eddy B. March 24, 2007
john edwards is what we call a douche, or a vagina cleaner.
john edwards i am telling you this u are a fake, and you are a douche.
by Lucas Bauserman March 23, 2007

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