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Someone who is so thick that he/she decides to describe Manu Chao as a "pioneer".
And I can't take your opinion seriously as you clearly know nothing about the genre. If you did, you would understand the Manu is a legend in his field, a pioneer even. I am a douche though.
by bergenhaspwntbeccaj January 16, 2007
The simple act of cleaning something.
Hey Manuelo, would you mind Doucheing my rug. It smells like an ass
by William Gallagher June 20, 2006
1. A device used to cleanse one's dirty vagina.
2. A complete brainless moron that does nothing but kill other human beings by wasting oxygen.
3. Jeremy Rienbolt, Marina’s High School’s Band Director. The one guy who does nothing but screw everyone over.
1. The only action Jeremy is ever able to view, besides in his car, (& his mother), is watching female, or male, nude sluts that need to use a douche to clean out their vaginas.
3. Krissy asked Jeremy why he was such a douche.
2. Lucy asked Mr. Rein-douche if she could go to skip the band competition to take her SATS. Mr. Rein-douche replies, "Where can I contact these SATS people?"
by TONESTER December 01, 2005
Randy Solem's favorite insult.
Randy Solem: You aren't getting married, you're going out with someone. So shut up about stuff that you don't know what you're talking about, you little douche.
Eric Whit (to Lexi): Haha, he called you a douche!
by Link June 25, 2004
1. An annoying, stupid, or otherwise obnoxiuously dumb person.
2. Femenine cleansing device.

also see "Douche Bag"
Person 1- Good Charlotte is the sh*t.
Person 2- Dude, you're a douche
by Joe April 01, 2004
something to clean out women genetials.
or to insult someone who acts stupid.
girl: hey steven, do you need this douche?
steven: no, i am one.
by RiadsMom December 09, 2007
A ridiculously annoying, retarded, or
Dom: "My god, dude, Andy pisses me off around chicks."
Cody: "Yeah, dude, I know...he turns into such a douche...VICIOUS!"
Justin: "Piss me off...two pussies, two pussies, two pussies! Jack off, jack off, jack off!"
Andy: "You wanna go, Dom?"
Dom: "Yeah, lets go!"
(Andy dies.)
by Doom da Man May 18, 2007