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Another tennis term when both players gets to 40 all. It is also a mispronouncation of Deuce. Ofter times, the serving player will call out another name (ie. Jason).
dude: Hey whats the score?
asdf: Its Douche
dude: Wat?
asdf: I mean its Jason.
by asdfgheyrjyulo November 04, 2009
French for shower.
J'ai besoin de la douche. (I need a shower.)
by pdi July 13, 2009
One who is a douche.

A device used to introduce a stream of water into the body for medical or hygienic reasons, or the stream of water itself.
Nam Nguyen, is a douche because he acts like a douche.

Daniel Nguyen, 6th grader, is a douche because he is retarded.
by Hate Douches. May 27, 2009
1. Anybody associated with "369", Attica or Le Noir
ie. Cassh, Lionel, Roger Pho, Roger Sung, Lenny
2. Someone who crashes their brand new Lamborgini LP 640
ie. Elroy
Cassh = king douche
Lionel = queen douche
Roger Pho/Sung = Douche face
Lenny = douche brains
Elroy = douche car
by le bag of the douche't August 21, 2008
verb: to douche
That is, the act of douching someone - with a douche
Imma douche yo mom
by Kondizzlet the third July 12, 2008
A Method of cleansing files and folders on a computer or within an email application.
My email was getting out of control so I just had to douche it out.
by soshaughnessy February 25, 2008
every junior high kids favourite word.
kid 1: douche.
kid 2: lol. whatza douche?
kid 1: i dunno. but i like to say it a lot!
kid 2: lol.
by geraldine merapoopoopoo January 25, 2008