A University student who goes to lectures and tutorials wearing tracksuit bottoms.

Two uni student in a tutorial room:

Dave : - I see you're wearing your tracksuit.
Mike : - I sure am, buddy!

(...) silence

Dave : - You're a douche.
by socstudent March 18, 2009
1. a device that forces water through a nozzle for the purpose of vaginal or anal cleansing.
2. a malevolent and ignorant person who inspires an exteeme feeling of loathing in others.
source: douchecards.com

<img src="http://capitalist.cachefly.net/DC/Cards/defined_Thumb.png">
Whoever took my my cream soda from the fridge is a real douche.
by aj sun March 16, 2009
(n)someone who is a complete and total moron. one that tells jokes and is the only one laughing. one who brags about his dick being huge and then claims the average penis is 4 and 1/2 inches so he can feel high and mighty with his 5 inches. also known as jonathan.
Jonathan: My dick is fucking huge!!

You: Douche.
by Bob1122334455 January 12, 2009
A sports radio show host who thinks he knows it all.
Jim Rome, Rich Lord think they know it all freaking douche bags
by JJ in North Shore May 28, 2008
The word used to commend someone on a clever or witty response to an argument, whilst sounding like a complete and utter douche at the same time. Used to pull someone off their high horse whilst acknowledging their point at the same time.
>Where is the nearest place to buy a computer?
>>Well, there's an Apple Store around the corner, but you're not interested in Toy Shops.
by abraxian November 09, 2010
failure to hackey sack, hack fail
damn dude! im trying to hack and your over there doucheing!
by satan beef April 01, 2010
Some guy who thinks you're his buddy, bro, or pal while patting you on the back when he leaves you, a douche that just walks a way giving you this unexpected pat, though you never talked to him and don't know whether you should have said a word with him before he left or not, hmm what to do situations, situations...
I'm not your buddy ya lame douche, go take the stairs, and stop loitering the elevator.. and floor five.
by pseudonym and other such names November 23, 2009

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