An individual who is a complete jerk-off, jackass, or bastard.
"I hate that guy. He's such a DOUCHE!"
by Dustin Mahurin December 20, 2003
An ignorant or pathetic or intolerant person
Dude, you are such a douche!!!
by Douchebag February 06, 2003
President Barrack Huessin Obama
That douche Obama is making America nigger-rich.
by Deodexidus October 12, 2013
A medical device used by women to lubricate their vagina.

Also it is someone who embodies this device. It is a man (usually) that for some reason gets attention from females despite the fact that he is a jerk to everyone, including the females he gets attention from. Sometimes he may not even know that he is doing it, but most of the time he does and his indifference or assumed indifference is the cause of a level of distaste from his peers, especially other males. He needs not be moronic, attention seeking, or with a self inflated sense of self worth, but most of the time is some combination. He may actually have a good amount of friends, but most of these are women and men who want to be near women. He probably is the subject of mockery behind his back or the subject to bitching about between other males and females in private.
That guy, mike, is such a douche. Why do people even like him?

My vag is so dry.
Girl, you should buy a douche.
by drgnslyr0929 October 07, 2012
an asshole who is sassy, condescending, and extremely good looking
"That guy, Eric Shuffle, is such a douche"
by ruffshuff May 30, 2012
its french for shower

its also a dickhead
Je me Douche
it means i had a shower
O...i thought you said im a douche
by applepinerd November 16, 2011
A term used to describe a beautiful girl who often contradicts themselves.
by YEURGH November 16, 2010

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