Short for douchebag, a male who is dependent on everyone around them, has alot of felmale and childish Attributes, such as: sighying, whinning, complaining about any petty thing, giving dirty looks. annoying every one who isn't an douche.
"Stop bitching you douche."

get up and get it your self you not 4 you douche.
by scott32 November 07, 2007
An individual that unknowingly is socially acquitted of all terms relating to being "cool". They exhibit all rational forms of being a socialite, and forfeit all rights to friendship due to their lack of common knowledge and/or educational integrity.
Todd is a douche, and he failed in getting Sarah to go on a date with him due to his own misfortune.
by Doug Brooks April 25, 2006
An individual who is a complete jerk-off, jackass, or bastard.
"I hate that guy. He's such a DOUCHE!"
by Dustin Mahurin December 20, 2003
An ignorant or pathetic or intolerant person
Dude, you are such a douche!!!
by Douchebag February 06, 2003
A derogatory term used by millennials to refer to those more successful than themselves.
That dude in the Porsche is such a douche. And get a load of that skank with him!
by thepainfultruth August 27, 2015
1 ;A name given to a person, usually a male. Who thinks he should be involved in your unwarranted business.

2 ;A person who trys to make you look bad and better himself in his position through gossip at your expense.
This individual is also most likely a snitch. His face may also look like an ugly dirty vagina hence the term douche.
My co-worker Jeff C. talks shit about everyone. He thinks the company will shut down if he quits. He's a pompous douche.
by ArGoil CharbRoil February 18, 2015
An appropriate response to a retort so spectacularly bad and douchey that it brings everything to a screeching halt.
A random douchebag losing an argument resorts to something along the lines of 'You're such a faggot' while surrounded by progressives, thus making things terribly awkward for everyone. 'Douché' is a wonderful response.
by semisemite March 19, 2014

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