Used as an acknowledgment during a discussion, of a stupid, idiotic, unintelligent, moronic, pea-brained remark made at one's expense by another person.
Me: So listen, I feel like you need to improve your social interaction skills.

Me: douché
by cmasterchoe May 12, 2009
The opposite of "touché". A retort when someone misses the point entirely.
"I always vote for the incumbent party, because then my vote has greater chance of making a difference."

by httpdouchebagger September 16, 2008
A. noun: Someone who does or says something particularly heinous, sometimes not even realizing what he's doing. Usually something even your average jerk wouldn't do. Many times used with suffixes such as head, face, or (in cases of extreme douchiness)nugget.

Uninformed douche: Haha! That dude can't talk right. He sounds like a retard!

Informed guy: OMG! He has a speech impediment and slight mental retardation, but still volunteers 25 hours a week reading books to underprivileged orphans!

Uninformed douche: Aw man! I'm a complete douche, aren't I?

Informed Guy: Dude, ur a total
by Chris__B12 August 28, 2008
thom yorke.
douche douche douche douche thom yorke douche

by Kate Drumm August 16, 2008
(n) The perfect moron; a person with extreme flaws that lacks the mental ability to correct them; the extreme of an imbecile.
Perhaps, if you were not a flaming douche bag, we could continue this conversation.

Kicking that old lady was a pretty douchey thing to do, man.
by FellFromTheNest July 10, 2008
to refresh between men.
gay jack: "Girl! I"m so glad you're done with that asshole!"
sally: "I know right?? But it's ok I've moved on!"
gay jack: "So whose the new guy?"
sally: "Brandon! He's sooo gorgeous and he has a HUGE penis!!"
gay jack: "Niiice!! so how was it?"
sally: "Oh we haven't had sex yet... I need to cleanse my ex!"
gay jack: "OH!!! you better douche!"
sally: "Out with old! In with the New!"
by BITE June 16, 2008
A sports radio show host who thinks he knows it all.
Rich Lord thinks he knows it all, freaking douche bag!!!
by JJ in North Shore May 28, 2008

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