(noun) slang, generally used to describe an annoying, useless waste of space
that guy sporting a popped collar is such a douche; or that nabaztag, is a douche.
by gollumullog August 31, 2010
(a) Verb The cleansing of the vaginal region.
(b) adjective A person who has acted particularly stupidly or is just an idiot. (n.b. this is the main use of the word in common society)
I Had a cheeky douche the other night was getting a bit clammy
by raaaaazclut July 08, 2010
A person who pisses other people off. A person (usually male) who everyone hates. A name used to insult usually a male.
Did you see Vincent? He is such a douche!
by sparklingwater June 20, 2010
A e6 in the Marines by the name of Devon Harris.He has no friends except Quinn his tool bag buddy,cant say w's and has no tact or common sense
Man Harris actually told me to get him the stapler off his own desk today,What a douche.
by Harrisisatool March 20, 2010
An annoyingly arrogant person that brings people down for no apparent reason neither wishes to help or explain, thus usually has no grounds for the unexplained high arrogance.
"BEGINNERS CANT PLAY !!!" "But yesterday you were a beginner yourself you DOUCHE !"
by Zippydeedooda December 22, 2009
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