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somebody who thinks commenting a link to wikipedia for the word fag is funny.
that douche thought it was funny to comment a link to wikipedia for the word fag!
by markva_37 September 26, 2011
(doo-shhh):Someone who does something to make themselves look cooler in front of large crowds. Often appear at swim meets, and walk around as if they are god on Earth. The biggest douches are the douches who call out other douches.
"You know you're a douche when you shave a T into your chest.'
by EmVerKen April 14, 2011
a person who critisizes other and starts problems with other that they don't actually know. These people usually just judge others based on what they're wearing or the way they look. They think others are douchebags, and don't realize that they are themselves.
Douche: "That black guy is wearing Armani, he is such a douchebag, i bet he stole it and thinks he's cool"
Normal guy: "He's my neighbor. He is actually really nice, works at the grocery for a part-time job while going to university and likes to dress nicely."
by inrialiti February 19, 2011
a douche is a person who thinks they are the bomb when in fact they are not.
For example Woodles is a douche.
by Mickey Blue Eyes 69 February 08, 2011
(noun) slang, generally used to describe an annoying, useless waste of space
that guy sporting a popped collar is such a douche; or that nabaztag, is a douche.
by gollumullog August 31, 2010
(a) Verb The cleansing of the vaginal region.
(b) adjective A person who has acted particularly stupidly or is just an idiot. (n.b. this is the main use of the word in common society)
I Had a cheeky douche the other night was getting a bit clammy
by raaaaazclut July 08, 2010
A person who pisses other people off. A person (usually male) who everyone hates. A name used to insult usually a male.
Did you see Vincent? He is such a douche!
by sparklingwater June 20, 2010