an over used term to insult someone
Guy 1: hows it going?

Guy 2: your a douche
by tree tree tree123 November 15, 2009
A person experiencing constant brain-farts and word-vomit. Frequently makes nonsense statements. However, is often very lovable and sexy, and is adored by many. A good source of entertainent.

WARNING: These people are not to be taken seriously under ANY circumstances.
He's such a silly douche, but i love him!
by Expert123 November 13, 2009
A word used mainly to describe a person (usually male) who isn't actually funny, nice, skillful, or smooth, and only gets talked to because he/she is somewhat attractive.
Person 1: Hey, I talked to Brian yesterday.
Person 2: Finally. What did he have to say?
Person 1: Well, he was actually pretty boring, awkward, and rude. I never would have guessed, seeing as how hot he is.
Person 2: Yeah, he sounds like a total douche.
by SickestPersonEver November 06, 2009
A cross between douche and touché.

A phrase that can be used to note another party's ability to correct/outsmart your point, whilst at the same time call them a douche for doing so.

(Pronounced 'do-shay')
Tony: Hey, Have you the new Simpsons episodes?

Steve: Don't you mean 'THE Simpsons'?

Tony: Douché.
by Mr Thesaurus stole my words October 08, 2009
Some one who is a total asshole , the kind of person that would cheat on their girlfriend after they knocked her up
I can't believe he called you a fat whore!
your pregnant and its his fault!
Hes such a douche!
by Alexandra Nicole June 24, 2009
Used as an acknowledgment during a discussion, of a stupid, idiotic, unintelligent, moronic, pea-brained remark made at one's expense by another person.
Me: So listen, I feel like you need to improve your social interaction skills.

Me: douché
by cmasterchoe May 12, 2009
The opposite of "touché". A retort when someone misses the point entirely.
"I always vote for the incumbent party, because then my vote has greater chance of making a difference."

by httpdouchebagger September 16, 2008

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