a person who shall not be named who is equal to the vaginal cleansing product known as a douche
hey douche! you are a WHORE!!
by douche-disliker January 24, 2010
A person experiencing constant brain-farts and word-vomit. Frequently makes nonsense statements. However, is often very lovable and sexy, and is adored by many. A good source of entertainent.

WARNING: These people are not to be taken seriously under ANY circumstances.
He's such a silly douche, but i love him!
by Expert123 November 13, 2009
Something like a water bottle, filled with douche solution, with a nozzle that you insert into your vagina and slowly squeeze to clean out the vagina. you use it while sitting on the toilet, in the tub, or while standing in the shower.

you use a douche after your menstrual period, after using contraceptive jellies and creams, to clear out vaginal secretions, whenever you want to feel clean and refreshed.
by Talia! March 15, 2007
Someone who wears "big label belts" while taking pictures with items such as champagne, or slutty girls. Typically characterized as "too cool."
"I saw a lot of douches at the club last night."
by caffcoi November 28, 2013
A person who is a complete idiot, devoid of any common sense or social skills and has total disregard for the fact that the entire world knows this.
Dave: That jerkoff who sells shit on TV is a complete douche.

Bob: Who, Billy Mays?

Dave: No, that douche is dead, I am talking about that other douche who sells shit on TV.

Bob: Oh, you mean that fucking douche who sells ShamWow.

Dave: Yes, that is the douche I am talking about.
by King RedCroovy September 04, 2013
A verbal riposte to someone who uses a lame comback that makes them look even more of a douche.
Adam - "You're are the least creative moron I have ever met"
John - "No, you are"
Adam - "Whoa - Douché!!"
by PierreChristian October 22, 2012
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