doosh noun, verb

1. kanye
I threw-up in my mouth when I saw my grandma's kanye in the trash.

by whhhhhhaaaaaaaaat September 15, 2009
1.) A person-- mostly male-- who makes themself seem like a total jerk, menace, whore, asshole, bitch, etc.
2.) A bottle filled with sanitizing liquid used to cleanse a vagina before or after sex or just whenever there needs to be a clean up in aisle 2... :)
1.) Guy #1: Look at that guy! He just dumped her ass like some garbage! What a douche...

2.) Girl #1: Dang... My vagina smells like squid... I need to douche more thoroughly next time...
by Girlwithweirdnessgoingon...... September 14, 2009
To be used like "touché" but instead of proving a point it is when someone does something that a douche bag would do
Sean "Was he wearing a wife-beater?"

Tim "No, an Ed Hardy tee"

Sean "Ahh douché"
by beatjunkie604 July 28, 2009
Douché: A retort for when someone corrects or one-ups you in a total douchebag-like fashion that serves only to ruin the moment.
Me: "i had the CRAZIEST time last night! At the Strokes concert, they played a cover of All Along the Watchtower – you know, the Jimi Hendrix song? – anyway, their bass player pulled me up on stage and I sang the chorus with the band!! It was fucking amazing!!"

Idiot: Actually, Along Along the Watchtower is originally a Bob Dylan song. And it doesn't really have a chorus at all – it's not structured like that."

Me: Douché.
by newsvava March 05, 2009
1] feminine vag cleaner.
2] a really annoying lame person that gets on your nerves. usually one of your enemies or occasionally your friends. most douches are boys and girls. some resembling to a shman. :]
1] "mom! i need a douche"
2] "you stupid douche creamer! your so annoying! get a life!"
by xxbrittany!!xx October 24, 2008
A person who acts like a dumbass or doesnt have anything really important to say
"How do you make top ramen?"
"omg what a fuckin douche are you serious?"
by D-Gringo June 04, 2006
Verb. To clean a pussy using over the counter products.
Noun. All components of said products that come in the box (douche bag, solution, nozzle)

Slang - Noun. 1) A person who is acting in a sleezy and respulsive way.
2) A cheesy person who attempts to smooth talk or con someone.
3) A buffoon, a person acting in a way to attract attention to themselves by behaving in a socially inappropriate manner.
4) One who commits selfish and harmful acts intentionally
1) That douche is copying your test answers
2) That douche of a salesmen tried to charge me extra closing costs
3) The bouncers just wrecked that douche who spilled his drinks on people
4) That douche just took my parking spot
by Expane October 20, 2005

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