A female name
Where on earth is Douché? I haven't seen her in ages.
by Hairy.Fish November 02, 2010
Someone who thinks they're really awesome because they can strum a few chords on a guitar, so they bring their guitar everywhere just to prove it.
Wow, those guys sitting on the picnic benches outside of the mall are real douches.
by CastOff October 16, 2010
An exclamation someone makes when a douche manages to bring them down to their level.
Douche: "You thought that Forest Gump was in black and white."
You: "Douché."
by DouchebagL September 07, 2010
A condition where someone is completely rude, mean, or inapropriate. Often, this person is a long-term douche, but there are rare cases where someone can be a first time douche. Being a douche is sometimes concidered appropriate when the person who is getting the douche treatment is, in fact, a douche. Some douches do not realize they are a douche and then it is appropriate to tell them. You can tell them either "Dude, you are such a douche right now!" or "That was a douche move"
Guy - "Damn! You're a FAT ASS!!"

Girl - "Wow, you're a douche!"
by Reallyfrickenawesome May 23, 2010
To admit that an opponent in an argument has made a douche response.
Trez: I went to the beach because I needed some sun.

Gweedo: Tanning bed's are quicker.

Trez: Douché, enjoy your cancer.

Example 2:
Trez: Yea I was talking to her at the party, she's got a great personality.

Guy: To bad she's fugly.

Trez: Douché.
by ZomB Trez February 15, 2010
Kanye West, and Chris Brown
Dude did you see the vmas?? No man i heard that taylor swift got interupted by a douche though. Did you hear what happened to Rhianna? Yeah man, she got hit by that douche right?
by IHit69Fences January 26, 2010
a person who shall not be named who is equal to the vaginal cleansing product known as a douche
hey douche! you are a WHORE!!
by douche-disliker January 24, 2010

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