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Someone who wears "big label belts" while taking pictures with items such as champagne, or slutty girls. Typically characterized as "too cool."
"I saw a lot of douches at the club last night."
by caffcoi November 28, 2013
A word used to wind friends up
Lauren is a douche
by livesingeneral April 03, 2012
An exclamation. Said when acknowledging that someone retaliated to a douche bag by acting like a bigger one.
Douché! Mary responded to John's breaking by text message by posting pictures of John wearing her panties.
by sweetjanijani June 09, 2011
(adj.) In prior definitions, being called a "Douche" was considered an insult. However, in recent times, being called a "Douche" is taken as a compliment because of the advancements of social adolecent culture influenced by the media. Especially the reality show on MTV, Jersey Shore.
Jake: "Abraham, you are looking so douche with those shades, tan, and buff body you have there."

Abraham: "Jake, this is why you're my best friend. You always compliment me and give my dark days the ray of sunshine they need."
by Abe&JakeBFF May 07, 2011
A person with an unsubstantiated Narcicis complex which causes them to be generally unpleasant, or unnecessary and increases your risk of yeast infection.
jim is such a douche. I should avoid him, lest I risk irritating my lady bits.
by lady bits January 30, 2011
The derogatory name given to a person that makes an epic fail.
Person 1: Bad News!! I am working this Saturday. I have no idea why but I was convinced the run was on Sunday, apparently it's not anymore!! Sh*t the bed

Person 2: You Douche!
by douche-hater1 December 07, 2010
The response to someone when they state an obvious correction but, they state it in a pompous manner.
Tom: Dude she never even called me back after our date.
Carl: Thats because your hung like a hamster.
Tom: Douche'
by oneshallrise November 23, 2010