A person that has ZERO regard for anybody or anything going on around him/her. Selfishness is his/hers number one quality!!!
Steve is such a douche...
by Anti Douche October 13, 2014
Douché (pronounced dou-shay) is an appropriate response to a retort so spectacularly bad and douchey that it brings everything to a screeching halt.
A random douchebag losing an argument resorts to something along the lines of 'You're such a faggot' while surrounded by progressives, thus making things terribly awkward for everyone. 'Douché' is a wonderful response.
by semisemite April 04, 2014
someone who is more than a jerk, tends to think he's top notch, does stuff that is pretty brainless, thinks he is so much better than he really is, and is normally pretty good at ticking people off in an immature way.
"Wow he's such a Douche"
"That was a Douche move"
by solvingworldproblemsoneatatime October 21, 2013
It refers to an individual who disappears off the face of the earth, in other words, never calls you back, and, a few months later, you randomly meet at a bar and acts like everything is perfectly normal and greets you with the biggest smile on their face.
by thegirlnextdoorxx May 17, 2012
(adj.) In prior definitions, being called a "Douche" was considered an insult. However, in recent times, being called a "Douche" is taken as a compliment because of the advancements of social adolecent culture influenced by the media. Especially the reality show on MTV, Jersey Shore.
Jake: "Abraham, you are looking so douche with those shades, tan, and buff body you have there."

Abraham: "Jake, this is why you're my best friend. You always compliment me and give my dark days the ray of sunshine they need."
by Abe&JakeBFF May 07, 2011
Someone who thinks they're really awesome because they can strum a few chords on a guitar, so they bring their guitar everywhere just to prove it.
Wow, those guys sitting on the picnic benches outside of the mall are real douches.
by CastOff October 16, 2010
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