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the head douche of a group of douches, someone who has the douchiest friends and walks around and wrangles fellow douches to join the "douche train" as i call it. they are sort of like the pied piper but they have a "douchey vibe" coming off them that attracts others to them. an example of this in action was when my friend brought home a chick to the dorms only to find out his roommate the 'douche wrangler' had somehow attracted 10 douches into the room and were watching the ENTIRE lord of the rings trilogy in one sitting. let's just say he didn't get any that night
Shawn: "God, Brian is a dick. he invited a fuckin shit load of douches over last night and packed them into our room like they were sardines."
Disco: "What do you expect. he's a fucking douche wrangler man."
Shawn: "Yeah, u said it."
by disco hickman September 29, 2006
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