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A person, typically male, that possesses the characteristic that is beyond extreme douchebagness in combination of superior retardedness but miraculously, somehow believes that he/she is a genius. Sometimes mistaken as a person doing an act "like a boss," in this case, they fail, yet, believed to have succeeded.
Joe just walked up to that gorgeous woman, asked her for a dance, got rejected, then proceeds to flip her off to her face, takes her martini, and pimp walks away with chin up in the air... then 10 seconds later, finds out that woman is his boss' wife. Wow! What a douchewhore!!

douche whore douche-whore
by Miz_Tasia June 11, 2012
A person who whores out his/her douchiness (aka is extremely rude/mean to everyone)
Some of the members of my debate team were being complete douche-whores when they let us get lost while they went to Yogurtland and Jamba Juice.
by Jim Bob the Debater February 21, 2011
a woman who typically dates douche bags, also known as a "douche ho"
"Is Isabella still dating that douche bag?"
"Which one? She's a douche whore; she only dates douche bags."
by yao ming's sidekick August 04, 2009
<< Slang >> A derogatory term for a person who exhibits a lack of caring or understanding for another person. Particularly used to illustrate someone who abuses power.
(1) Our Calculus professor was being a tremendous douchewhore when he banned the use of calculators during exams.
(2) American politicians are usually tremendous douchewhores who do not represent the interest of their constituents, and instead, cater to the needs of special interest organizations and lobbyists.
by BSen August 01, 2005
basically a douche but worse.
somone who fucks up something you were trying to do or say.
"CHRISTIAN MOORE! you're such a douchewhore when we play Sorry"
by TabethaMcc December 04, 2008
A derogatory slur usually used by suburban Hispanics directed towards white people; used in conjunction with other curse words.
Jessica: Don't stomp on the floor

Jason: Oh, really stomps

Jessica: I told you to stop you fuckin' douchewhore!
by N. Feledi October 07, 2011
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