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Music listened to primarily by douches, or made by douches. It is also listened to in secret by more of the mainstream population.
Examples include music such as 30H!3 and Cobra Starship's new album.
-Dude, did you listen to Hot Mess?
-Yeah, Good Girls Go Bad is just too much douche pop for me.
#douche #pop #music #club #frat
by Rokoroks October 04, 2009
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A total jerk (male or female) who is so awful that they can not simply be a douche.
"Watch out. He's a total douchepop."

"That skank is such a douchepop!"
#bitch #asshole #jerk #asshat #scumbag
by PhantomJezzi September 30, 2011
The physical worn collar of a cum guzzling frat boy.
Ladys beware of the frat boys with a douche pop.
#douche #pop #frat #guzzling #boy
by Patacos June 26, 2009
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