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When you go out with ALL your co-workers to lunch including your 20 year old younger brother who works as an intern with you. Then when the place you go to says, "We only server people over 21, are all twenty of you over 21?" Then you say, "No." and make everyone have to go somewhere else to eat.
Server: Hi everyone is everyone over 21?
King Douche: No my brother isn't
Server: Well I'm sorry we can't server you at this establishment
Mr. Plus: Wow what a douche move, why didn't you just say yes we are all 21. He wasn't going to drink any way.
by Jaehoal Jones October 31, 2012
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E-money: "Where's the beer fund?"
J-money: "I think one of the last people out last night jacked it."
E-money: "What a fuckin' douche move."
by Lesaint August 07, 2006
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A douche move is when someone does something just to be an asshole.
"dude I took a dump in you bead haha!" "What the hell asshole that is such a douche move."
by anal bomber April 20, 2010
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Douche Move: v. def. Anything stupid done that makes one look like an even bigger douche.
ex. She fell into the raft. It was a real douche move.

by BeaverSlapper July 14, 2008
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When someone acts like a douche you put your hand on your head and make a "d" shape...
*a guy is about to kiss a girl when his friend comes up and interupts the moment...Douche Move!!
by SNDVL1527 December 09, 2009
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The "Douche Move" is a hand gesture meant to demonstrate when a friend or acquaintance does something stupid and douche-like.

Douche Move Gesture Steps:

1) Listen and wait
2) When you hear the trigger sentence coming from the douche-hole, pick which hand you`ll be using
3) Raise your hand
4) With your one hand, place it erect on top of your head. Think of a shark fin or a mohawk.
5) Proceed to wiggle your fingers

This completes the movement. If you wish to top it off, make a disgusted face. If the douche does not understand, you will leave with the smug satisfaction of an insult well played.
Jim: Man, I am such a ladies man. Like, you don't even understand because I'm too cool.

Bill: Sure, Jim. You're a real ladies man.
Jim: I mean, look at me. Who need a polar bear to break the ice when you have me.
Bill: *douche move*
by Refused August 31, 2010
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