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A pursing of the lips used primarily by Jersey douchebags when they are posing for a photograph, especially when there is a woman in the picture. Although the exact meaning is unknown, there are several theories. Some say the douche lips are a sign of dominance over the woman in the picture, or the viewer of the photograph -- sort of a "kiss my ass" gesture. Others say the douche lips are meant to look like a human anal sphincter. And still others believe that the douche lips simply signify douche tribe membership to nearby douches, who often have spiked hair, fake tans, and huge, steroid-induced physiques.
To ensure his place in the Douchebag Hall of Fame, Tony made douche lips in every single one of his wedding pictures.
#douchebag #douchebaggery #jersey #guido #douche #fake tan #new jersey
by Jimmy G. February 02, 2008
a girl whom needs her teeth punched in for talking shit
dude! I hate that douchelips meghan! she's always starting shit with jackie
#gossiper #shit talker #wench #kike #bitch
by Gemini nine April 14, 2007
a stunned cunt who talks shit
megswiese was being a douchelips towards jackie
#cunt #whore #stunned idiot #trash #shit talker
by Gemini Nine April 14, 2007
a word to describe someone stupid or someone's stupid or gross actions.
that was a pretty douchelips move.
you're a douchelips.
#douche #lips #douchemouth #hilarious #ricky
by jaXXX. April 10, 2007
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