derived frome the early 14th century wind instrument the flute, a douche flute is one who plays the flute of doucheness, henceforth making them the ultimate extreme douchiest flutist of all douches

derived from latin term(douchius playus flutius unum)
Dustin Cotner is an incredibly monstrous douche flute
Top Definition
A personal vaporizer
Look, another guy in a fedora sucking on a douche flute!
<puff>, <hat tip>, "M'lady..."
by fivebags July 30, 2015
(Noun) a vaporizer that is smoked in replacement of cigarettes, a douchey looking smoking apparatus
1) I'm so happy this douche flute has made me stop smoking cigarettes

2) Mind if I douche flute?

3) anyone have any new douche flute juices for my douche flute?
by Douche Flute November 17, 2015
A slang term for a type of electronic cigarette known as a "boxmod". It consists of a large box of batteries and control circuitry with a flute like vaporizer head mounted on top - Hence the term "douche flute"

Often associated with Douchebag culture, it's user may or may not be a complete tool
Martin Shkreli was seen tooting his douche flute after raising the price of a life-saving antibiotic by 600%
by Xx Francis Crick Xx May 28, 2016
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