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A remnant of one’s cleansing practice of a highly intimate nature. More specifically, an insult to spew at someone else in order to induce a momentary lapse in judgment whilst he or she contemplates the meaning, so that you may kick him or her in the box or berries and run like hell.
Bob: Oh yeah, while why don't you suck my nads, you sopping douche berry!
Big Ben: I'll kick you--what the hell did you ++AHH, you kicked me in the jewels, you freakin' twat bunny!!!+++
Bob: ::runs like hell::
by Lady Shinigami November 13, 2005
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Doucheberry is a portable communication device that when used by a non-douche is known as a Blackberry. The Doucheberry becomes such when one is clearly douchebagging with a doucheberry. For instance, using the Doucheberry to impress someone.
Amy: Hey look at that douche over there
Mike: Is he actually using his Doucheberry in a bar? Oh wait! He's trying to look cool for the skank next to him!
Amy: What a douche...
by "Your real name" August 09, 2009
DoucheBerry - (doosh-bair-ee)
Classified as any individual who willingly decides to insert a cell phone earpiece into their ear, and wear the device in situations such as Romantic Dinners, Boardroom Meetings, Working out at the Gym, and Love Making etc...
Man check out that "doucheberry" over there in the sauna. Is the call really THAT important?
by Sapling Thomas February 26, 2008
Something equivalent to the utter grotesqueness of when douche juice seeps down the vagina and drips from a dingleberry.
Samantha "Man, Chase is such a doucheberry, I leave for thirty minutes and he fucks that hoe!"
Kevin "Yea, Total doucheberry to the max."
by samzi July 12, 2013
somewhere between a douche bag and a dingle berry
-Your a douche berry
-Did you just say douche berry
- i guess i did
by the dinglebag April 23, 2010
fetus; unborn child; prenatal human being to be harvested from wombs
"Honey, the doctor says our little doucheberry will be ripe for the plucking in eight and a half months."
by Michael Kaiser April 30, 2007
Like a dingleberry is a turd that sticks to someone/somethings ass. A doucheberry is an ex partner who just won't go away, usually refering to a male ex(female ex's who exhibit this tendency are known as dinglebitches).
This girl I'm seeing keeps telling me her ex husband stakes out her house to see who she's dating, what a doucheberry he is.
by TripsDadisOne September 25, 2009

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