Actions taken that hurt or harm others while enriching oneself.
More douchbagery from a sociopath corperation. Some McDonald's locations around the country are experimenting with paying employees using preloaded Visa debit cards. Now instead of getting a paycheck employees are charged by Visa each time they access their money. Bet they have are getting some kind of kickback from Visa.
by Zuluspice August 10, 2013
Top Definition
the of being a dbag looking like a dbag or participaiting in douchbag activities
Despite my efforts to stop them they continued on with there douchbagery
by short angry guy December 02, 2008
The universal measurement of how much a douche/douchbag some is or is being at any given time.
wow i cant believe you pulled that bukkshit! your douchbagery is fukin astounding!
by jibbarousseau May 29, 2009
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