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(n.) a derogatory term for a person who is acting in a manner of immaturity or utter ignorance. For example, someone who is asking questions that have already been answered and are just slowing down production in doing so is a douch-ass.
philip: ok, so for the routine, we'll take 3 steps, flank left, and do a spin down. then we're finished.

teddy: ok, but what do you want us to do AFTER we step out 3 steps?

joan: (while shaking her head in disbelief of the utter stupidity) god, what a douch -ass.
by the unREAL napster October 10, 2006
A derogatory term for people that give out props in myspace forums.
Anthony: I am a propmaster!
Nathan: No, you're just a douch -ass.
by AceEnder October 11, 2006
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