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To facecheck nearby bushes for enemies.
"Dude, don't doublelift that bush!


by Iext June 19, 2011
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Pulling a doublelift is walking into an area that is not visible to you or your team when all the enemies are not in sight, resulting in finding all the missing enemies there.

Coined on League of Legends by player Doublelift when he face checked a brush with 4 enemies in it. This was on an official stream, and since then, the Riot Games creator, Phreak, has been heard to use the phrase "pulling a doublelift" to mean face checking an area by themselves with a large number of enemies in it.

Unless you can see at least 4 out of 5 enemies on the map or have all of your team mates with you, there may be an ambush so face checking is generally considered a bad course of play, using a ward or a revealing spell being a safer choice. Otherwise you will have successfully pulled a double lift, which will inevitably result in brutal virtual gang rape.
Random commentator: "EG's support, Doublelift, just facechecked a brush with 4 members of CLG in it."

Phreak: "Haha, lets make it a definition!"

Announcer: Annie has been slain by Garen! (Assisted by Warwick, Veigar and Graves)

Randon player 1: "Ouch, gang raped!"
Random player 2: "That's what she gets for doublelifting."
by avid face checker November 24, 2012

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