The horrendous situation observed in a typical office toilet that contains 2 cubicles, both of which are simultaneously occupied resulting in damnation without relief.
Lloyd: "Wow Dave, you were back from the shitter quickly!"
Dave: "Do not go in there. There's an absolutely awful Double Booking!"
by The Evil Muppet November 05, 2011
Top Definition
A social faux-pas wherein a person, usually male, will schedule two separate romantic encounters for the same day. Will eventually be discovered, generally when one date forces a delay of the next.
Jackie was pissed to discover that Andrew had been double-booking she and Elyse, and broke up with him right there.
by Eleglac August 15, 2011
The moment when you are browsing Facebook on your computer, and then reach for your phone and instinctually check Facebook, thus resulting in an awkward, "Double-Booking."
I noticed I was double-booking yesterday as I was updating my status on the computer and liking your photo on my phone!
by The Clint January 19, 2014
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