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When somebody sends you a message before you have had a chance to respond to the previous one. Usually done by impatient people, or the chinese.
"Dude Martha wouldn't stop double texting me last night. I was busy for god sakes!"
by Nate Push March 05, 2008
Sending the same text message to more than one recipient, simply because you're lazy and/or the message will work for more than one person.
"Are you double texting Julie and Sarah?"
"Yeah, telling them the same thing and it saves thumb."
by Lee Daniels August 01, 2007
when someone textes you something boring and you dont reply, then an hour later or so they text u again and try and respark the convo
ricky: k...cool..
*no response*
*hour or so later*
ricky: so whats good man?

the doubletext ^
by phillllygirll August 18, 2011