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when you raise your ass to another person's face, positioning the asshole right in line with their nostrils, and stategically placing your scrotum on top of their mouth. Then, you proceed to fart, giving the other person the unenviable position of having to choose between breathing in the flatulence through their nose, or breathing through their mouth to swallow the scrotum whole.
Damn son, I heard Johnny got pissed at Mary and gave her the double jeopardy. I bet she wish she didn't give him her taco.
by steve ji March 13, 2008
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Double jeopardy is what happens when you eat really spicy foot. First your mouth is put in jeopardy by the fiery hotness of what your are eating... Double jeopardy inevitably occurs the next day while the hotness is on its way out.
Mike: Man, I just ate the hottest pepper in the world, and I didn't even chase it with milk!

Kev: I know dude, that was awesome!

Mike: I thought so...until double jeopardy hit me today.
by Chief Longhair February 25, 2010
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Not dating the same person twice, acknowledging the fact that you broke up for a reason.
"Hey man, I heard Kim wants to get back together with you, you going for it?"

"No way man, double jeopardy rule; the bitch is crazy"
by Barbary Lion August 26, 2012
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