A 12" record by Frankie Smith recorded in 1979 by Gene Leone at Alpha International Recording Studios in Philadelphia,PA that has sold over 2 million copied to date...
"Double Dutch Bus" and "Triple Dutch Bus" employed "Pig Latin" in the verses, that at the time, many kids were "speaking" so that their parents could not understand them. See example of Double Dutch Bus Pig Latin:
from Double Dutch Bus... "There's A Double Dutch Bus Coming Down The Street..."
"wilse ilsa nilsot milsoving!" ... means...
(We is not moving!)
- just add ils or ilsa to each word.
Double Dutch Bus - Pig Latin
by Gene Leone / Frankie Smith September 20, 2004
skippin' rope with two ropes twirling at the same time. Was really big in the '80s and apparently is making a small comeback.
by jaklumen September 07, 2003
jumping rope using two ropes swinging in opposite directions.
jumping rope is easy... but double dutch is hard!
by yo mama September 11, 2003
Jumping into a conversation that you were not invited to.
You and your friends are talking about something and you see that person that always has his/her two cents to add in or just wants to be involved in the conversation. He/she hovers around for a second looking for their opportunity to jump in. When you least expect it they double dutch right in and take control of the conversation.
by charles bundler September 19, 2013
the act of masturbating and finishing 2 times in rapid succession of the other.
Brad--"Did you go to that party last night man?"
Jack--"Nah. I just re-subscribed to Brazzers. I double dutched. My dick nearly fell off"
by Haywood Jewblome August 09, 2013
Finding the right moment to jump into sex with two women who aren't interested in you.
This is the situation where you and two women are in bed together and the women are only interested in themselves and not you. So you are on the sidelines trying to find the right moment to jump in. Like in Double dutch.
by FutureEndeavor November 10, 2011
1. uninteligable, speech or language

2. simultaneous use of a condom and a birth control pill
I couldn't understand her Double Dutch about the concept of Double Dutch.
by The Return of Light Joker September 04, 2011
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