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When someone tea bags something, then defecates on it.
Alex got so upset, he did a double whammy on Rob's pillow.
by SAJ001 February 15, 2011
29 45
when 2 bad things happen. usually its something bad, then something worse to make things even more f'd up.
bob -- DUDE I just got fired!! and I think I just got shot in the foot!

tim -- double whammy!
by ttttttttravis February 08, 2007
134 36
a two part difficulty, a dual disadvantage
The high cost of health care and his lack of medical insurance was a double whammy.
by Light Joker June 19, 2005
125 52
When a girl gets fucked by two (2) guys.
Guy#1: So we're really going to settle this bet by whoever can get that girl first tonight bro ?

Guy#2: Yes , it's just to see who's the smoothest....and no ties ! No double whammy !

Guy#1: Double what !?
by Mellow fellow69 December 02, 2013
10 4
When you stick up both of your middle fingers. Created by Ricky from the tv show Trailer Park Boys
"(sticks up both middle fingers) Now this is the double whammy i only bring this out for special occasions" - Ricky
by thereallb December 12, 2013
1 0
Verb (v.); Punching oneself in the testicals whilst cumming/having an orgasm.

Adjective (adj.); A way to describe someone that is sexually attractive but at the same time bad for you financially, personaly, etc.
When used as a verb: "I think I might double-whammy when I jack off today."
When used as an adjective: "Damn that hoe is a double-whammy!"
by Mr. Person guy thingy September 21, 2013
2 4
When there is two waves in one go. They both come at the exact same time and hit you twice as hard.
Woah, that was a double whammy!
by Ademma January 03, 2008
26 33
The act of anal masturbation and jacking off at the same time.
I was giving myself a double whammy cus plain old jacking it was getting boring, plus the finger in the ass adds to the experiance.
by EDF Phantom February 07, 2011
9 21