1. uninteligable, speech or language

2. simultaneous use of a condom and a birth control pill
I couldn't understand her Double Dutch about the concept of Double Dutch.
by The Return of Light Joker September 04, 2011
a very exhausting activity involving two or more persons. It occurs when the two or more participants each drop a deuce at the same time in adjacent bathroom stalls...a three person is a triple crown...four is completing the square, fab five, sixth sense, sail the seven seas, crazy eights, cloud nine, etc.
Bob and Tom double dutched after they ate five chili dogs a piece.
by Starrman October 17, 2006
Unique and secret language that can be spoken, written, and read. The trick to speaking it is to add "ib" before or after (depends on the word) each syllable. Rules differ depending on the medium of communication.

SPEAK>WRITE means writing it how it is spoken.

WRITE>READ means writing it so that when it is read, it sounds like it is being spoken. Similarities between the two can be identified when both ways are written.
Example of Double Dutch:

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy brown dog."

SPEAK>WRITE translation:

"Thibe quibick bibrown fibox jibumps iboviber thibe libaziby bibrown dibog."

WRITE>READ translation:

"Thaiba quibickbi brownfi boxjai bumpsai bovai berthai balai bayzai bibai browndai bog."

by M.Brado March 28, 2009
A jump rope game using 2 ropes. Two people hold an end of each rope between them and turn both ropes in large circles that cross each other. A third person (or more people) "jump" into the turning ropes (large circles) and jump when the ropes pass under them. The rope turners turn the ropes in alternating patterns and the jumpers jump twice as much compared to a single rope jumping game. Also, the rope turners and/or the jumpers sing specific songs while playing. Also used in urban-setting competitions.
Let's play double dutch! I can't turn the ropes for double dutch. I want to try this new double dutch step/jump today.
by Adele September 06, 2003
When a Dutch guy is drinking a Dutch beer while working late in the office.
Where's Jaap at, is he coming out to the bars tonight?
Nah, deadlines coming up he's probably pulling a DoubleDutch..
by DDboy May 26, 2011
Alternating doing an activity with someone else, sharing responsibilies with another person. i.e. going halfsies
"You made the bed yesterday, so I'll make the bed today, we'll go double dutch on it."
by remie11 February 20, 2010
You hold your friends dick and he holds yours and you jerk it off
OMG my girl invited her ex over nd we double dutched all night
by pmonsterjr September 20, 2010

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