A song by Frankie Smith released in 1994. It is the origin of the 'izzle' language which is now wrongfully credited to snoop dogg.
wizzut izziz yizzo prizzoblem sizzon?
by hizzzzot. March 20, 2005
Top Definition
Frankie Smith -Double Dutch Bus Recorded/Mixed by Gene Leone - 1980
First recorded use of Pig Latin Slang aka "izzle" (RIAA Gold 1981)
A song written by Bill Bloom and Frankie Smith and performed by Frankie Smith. Originally released in 1981 by WMOT records. It was the first song to popularize the use of "izz" infixation (ie. "Wizze izzare plizzayin dizzouble dizzutch" which translates as "We are playing double dutch").
"Double Dutch Bus" is one hot track.
by Reka Riley March 31, 2008

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